Nokia Revealing New Phone in MWC?

While the Nokia 6 heralded the return of well the well known Finnish brand to the mobile market after escaping the clutches of Microsoft, it’s not a phone for everyone. Actually, it’s not a phone for people who aren’t Chinese or understand Chinese , as we encountered several issues with the phone that will keep it from being someone’s reliable daily driver.


Nokia 6: Hitting a speed bump

Nokia 6 review

We’re all waiting for HMD Oy, the company that’s behind Nokia 6, to announce an international version of the phone. And we might just get it sooner rather than later as the company has started to send out invites for their event in MWC on February 26.

So what could Nokia have in store during the biggest telecommunications show in the planet? Could it be a global version of the Nokia 6? A cheaper, more affordable version? A flagship device maybe? We’ll know at the end of the month.

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