Nokia Sea Ray (Windows 7 Phone)

Nokia "Sea Ray" (Their First Windows 7 Phone)

In what looks like a closed Nokia mini-conference, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop shares to the audience their first Windows OS powered phone — the Nokia Sea Ray. It’s a bit funny because just before he reveals the phone he asks everyone to turn off their cameras and recording devices. Obviously someone didn’t and this video was uploaded to Youtube and it’s now making the rounds on the blogosphere. Now if this was their strategy in building buzz and hype for the Sea Ray, then hats off to them.

Here’s the video of Elop doing the reveal followed by a product demonstration.

The Sea Ray takes a lot from the recently announced Meego powered Nokia N9. In fact, other than the windows button and the OS this would pass for an N9. ^^;

Personally though I’m really excited for Nokia and Microsoft. I know we’ve made jabs at them especially for the iPod Nano-ish design of the N9, but their engineers are hard at work with shipping a competitive smartphone. They won’t dethrone Apple anytime soon but I would love to see how the mobile smartphone landscape will look like in 2 years time.

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