OnePlus Starts Teasing The OnePlus 6, Possible Tie Up With Marvel For Avengers Phone

Will we see a new flagship killer sooner rather than later?

OnePlus usually keeps their next flagship killer close to their vest until after companies like Samsung, Huawei, Sony announce theirs for greater effect. Now that MWC is over and Huawei has unveiled their new hotness, it’s time for the Chinese company to start teasing their next flagship killer.

OnePlus’ Twitter account posted a quick teaser, with the words “the speed you need” followed by the number 6.

A second teaser, this time in YouTube shows the logo of the company interspersed with the Avengers logo, along with their music.

The second teaser may indicate that an Avengers-themed OnePlus smartphone is coming, likely timed with the arrival of the new Avengers movie on April 27. OnePlus teamed up with another Disney property last year to out a Star Wars themed variant of the OnePlus 5T – hopefully the new Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 lives up to that collaboration.

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