OPPO Wants to Push Wired Charging Limits with Upcoming 125w Solution

Yes, you read that right

While 65w is the current fastest wired charging solution to date, the guys over at OPPO think that is still slow. Outdoing Xiaomi’s 100w solution and even vivo’s 120w solution, OPPO is getting ready to unveil its class-leading 125w wired charging solution on July 15.

OPPO has yet reveal the details behind this insane charging solution, and we can’t wait to see how OPPO made this possible.

Aside from OPPO, vivo sub-brand iQOO announced that it will be bringing 120w wired charging to one of its phones next month. According to technical spokespersons, iQOO’s 120w wired charging solution can charge a 4000mAh cell to 50% in 5 minutes and fill up the whole battery in 15 minutes.

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