OPPO A71 (2018) To Come With A Tempting Price?

Considering it uses a Snapdragon 450 Processor

While we are a few days away from the official unveiling of the OPPO A71 (2018) in the Philippines, a cellphone retailer has leaked the possible price of OPPO’s latest budget model.

In a post by CMK Cellphones, they are selling the A71 (2018) for Php 7,990-which is cheaper than the SRP of the A71 (2017) when it was launched last year. According to their list, they are bundling the A71 (2018) with a Bluetooth speaker and earphones as part of their promo.

CMK Cellphones have been accurate when it comes to SRP of phones, so this might be the possible price of the A71 (2018). As for the price, it is a tempting one at that because you are getting a Snapdragon 450 processor with it, instead of a Snapdragon 425 or 430 at the same price range. While the 2018 version of the A71 may have less RAM than its 2017 model at 2GB, the new processor will surely make a big impact in terms of overall performance.

Other than the change in processor and RAM, the A71 (2018) has virtually the same set of features found on its 2017 predecessor.


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  1. the bar has been set by the a83 at 10k. they have to price the a71 2018 lower than that else what’s the point? kung 9k too close. 8k is about alright.

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