OPPO Filed Screen Notch Patent Before Apple Announced The iPhone X

Expect more notched phones from OPPO

Since the R15 and R15 Plus leaks came from OPPO themselves, it’s a pretty good bet that the new phones are coming with iPhone X notches. And before you start screaming “copycat” at the top of your lungs, we’d like to direct you to the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), China’s equivalent to the US’ patent office for patents filed by OPPO at the beginning of last year. 

According to documents on the site, the firm filed several patents relating to the implementation of the notch even before Apple announced the iPhone X. The patents include the now instantly recognizable notch, as well as several other shapes. Imagine a half circle notch!

But despite being the first to patent the notch, OPPO likely didn’t have access to the screen technology that allowed Apple to pull off their iPhone X. But much have changed in the span of one year, and now OPPO will be joining Apple and a few other companies in pushing out phones with that polarizing notch. At least they have the documentation that they thought of it first.


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John Nieves

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  1. Bat kailangan pa ipa patent yang pagkapanget panget n notch na yan, sakit sa mata talaga nyang notch na yan, mas natatake ko pa ung malaking bezel ng old sony phones kesa sa notch n yan

  2. Oppo is just being pathetic that they have not released that design first. Ang mahirap nyan, baka magsampa ng kaso ang oppo.

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