OPPO’s Latest Patent Involves Combining A Pop-Up Module to a Foldable Device

That’s a lot of moving parts

In the battle of foldable phones where Huawei is winning the first round and Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has been delayed for the meantime, OPPO is experimenting on adding a pop-up module to the whole foldable phone concept.

In a World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) filing last October 2018, the sketches look similar to the prototype OPPO revealed last February—except that this one comes with a pop-up module. The presence of the pop-up module help in achieving skinny and uniform bezels, though we question about the overall durability of the device.

Being a patent, there’s no word if OPPO will release such a device—OPPO VP Brian Shen thinks foldable phones don’t offer any added value, at least for now.


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