OtterBox Defender for iPad 2

Want maximum rugged protection for your iPad 2?

The OtterBox Defender Series for the iPad 2 is now available in the Philippines! The OtterBox brand is all about maximum rugged protection and they don’t disappoint with their latest case. The OtterBox Defender uses multiple layers of protection to give your iPad 2 a solid defensive shroud. You can drop it and bump it and the iPad 2 will be safe from scratches and dents.

It's the Bat Mobile!

The OtterBox Defender’s first layer is a polycarbonate shell with foam interior (for scratch prevention). It’s followed by a durable silicone skin that scatters and absorbs the shock during falls. The last line of defense is a clip-on hard plastic screen cover that also acts as a kickstand for both typing and landscape viewing.

So many layers!
Clip-on can act as a stand for typing and landscape

OtterBox also made sure you had full access to all of the external ports, buttons, and controls of your iPad 2.

Hatch opens up for charging

The biggest problem about the OtterBox Defender for the iPad 2 is probably the fact that it IS big. It turns your iPad 2 into a tank. The device will definitely be secure but you will compromise by adding weight and bulk to it. This is perfect though for people who are clumsy or those who let their kids use the iPad 2 every now and then.

Here’s the promotional video of the OtterBox Defender for the iPad 2:

And the instructional video on how to put it on:

The OtterBox Defender for the iPad 2 will set you back Php4,900. It’s available in different accessory shops like A Shop in Podium, Digital Hub, and a lot of vendors in Greenhills (V-mall and Theater Mall).

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