PC Gaming On Mobile: NVIDIA Brings GeForce NOW Streaming Service To Android

Great news for mobile gamers

NVIDIA is now expanding its rollout of its GeForce NOW streaming service, as it officially announces its rollout to Android phones later this year. Just like Google’s Stadia service, GeForce NOW will stream games direct to your Android phone via data centers scattered around the world.

NVIDIA’s streaming service has so far streamed around 30 million hours of gameplay across 1000+ games to PCs, Macs, and NVIDIA’s own SHIELD platform, but its major coup will be playing on Android phones. In fact, NVIDIA says that the service strongly recommends you use an external controller to fully enjoy AAA games being streamed to your mobile.

It’s unknown if our region will be getting the service, as game streaming is a very data-intensive affair. But NVIDIA is beginning rollout of RTX servers in Northern California and Germany. Those RTX servers have around 40 GPUs in one blade, allowing multiple users to simultaneously game.

While GeForce NOW is still in public beta, NVIDIA says that the service will see an official launch sometime this year though the company has not issued a firm release date.


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