PlugBug Hands-on

Finally... hands-on with the PlugBug!

Hands-on with the PlugBug

We were able to spend a few minutes with Twelve South’s PlugBug accessory. This gadget basically serves as a USB charger but it can also “dock” with your Magsafe charger (for MacBooks) which means you can charge both your iDevice and MacBook with just one outlet. It’s a simple but genius idea that I’m sure a lot of Apple fans will love. Sadly this isn’t available locally so you’ll have to order one online if you want to get a unit.

More photos:

The USB port for charging
Slide it in and dock it on your Magsafe adapter
USB charging port still available even if you dock it.
PlugBug FTW. 🙂

One of the best accessories ever made for Apple products in my opinon. Hopefully this becomes available in one of the Apple Reseller stores. I’m sure it will sell like hotcakes.

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