Qualcomm Debuts Three New Entry-Mid Tier CPUs: Snapdragon 427, 626, 653

SoC manufacturer Qualcomm has just unwrapped three new processors aimed at entry-level and mid-tier devices: the Snapdragon 427, 626 and 653. As evident with the numbering scheme, these new CPUs are refreshed successors to the earlier Snapdragon 425, 625 and 652 chipsets.

Here’s Android Authority for the technical specifics on each SoC’s capabilities:


Taking advantage of the dual camera trend, Qualcomm has provided dual sensor support for the new SoCs, along with higher resolution limits. Quick Charge 3.0 is also a welcome addition across the board.

We can see that Qualcomm’s X9 LTE modem capable of Category 7 LTE throughput has been incorporated into these chipsets. Previously, this technology was only available in the high-end Snapdragon offerings.

The Snapdragon 653’s 8GB RAM support is an interesting outlier, though, and will make mid-tier devices with the SoC a much more valuable proposition to consider compared to flagship-level handsets.

According to Qualcomm’s press release, the Snapdragon 653 and 626 midrangers will be available before the end of the year. The entry-level Snapdragon 427 will be showing up in devices early next year.

Source: Android Authority

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  1. SD 653 sounds like a flagship level SoC but Qualcomm dismissed it as mid-tier entry. We’ll be expecting a better mid-ranged phones early next year.

    1. agree with you on that. and just to add a bit of info, it is rumored that Oppo R9s, which will be launched tomorrow, will have this new chip! 😀

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