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Rapoo’s New VPro Mechanical Keyboards Are Extremely Affordable

Is Rapoo the new king of the budget mechanical keyboard market?

Gamers on a budget rejoice! Rapoo has officially announced a whole slew of really affordable mechanical keyboards that’s significantly cheaper than products currently in the market. Rapoo, a PC peripheral company that’s known for affordable keyboards and mice has introduced their VPro gaming lineup in the Philippines, and we can’t stress this enough, their new mechanical keyboards are pretty damn affordable.

The most affordable one is the V51S (pictured above), which uses a backlit mechanical (but not really, we’ll explain this later) keyboard that’s spill resistant and comes with mix-colored backlit keys that has adjustable brightness and breathing modes. It also has anti-ghosting built-in, though Rapoo says they used their own switches in the keyboard.

More on those switches – the keys aren’t real mechanical switches, rather membrane switches that are made to feel like mechanical keys. You still get the click and clack that’s prevalent on mechanical keys when you type on them, though the sound is a little subdued. We’re typing this article on a keyboard on display during the event, and the keyboard feels alright for what it is, though the actuation force needed is a little higher compared to a regular mechanical switches.

The V51S is priced at just Php 1,265 – which in pretty affordable if you ask us.

Rapoo also announced a couple of other keyboards during the event, which includes the V500S AL, V500S Crystal, V500L, V510, V500 RGB AL, V700 RGB AL, V720S and the V810. Prices fluctuate from Php 2,020 to the most expensive which is Php 6,730.

Here are the complete prices:

V51S RGB – Php 1,265
V500S AL – Php 2,020
V500S Crystal – Php 2,110
V500L – Php 2,690
V510 – Php 2,690
V500 RGB AL – Php 2,690
V700 RGB AL – Php 3,365
V720S – Php 4,540
V810 – Php 6,730

John Nieves

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  1. Dragonwar already have this type of mech feel keyboard for that price range. Oh and some chinese lazada brands too.

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