Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Dragon Age 2 Mechanical Keyboard

Dragon Age 2 is getting a lot of favorable reviews from various gaming sites and blogs. We’ve been playing it ourselves for the past few days and it really is nothing short of fantastic. The graphics, plot, gameplay are all incredible! Anyway, if you want to take your PC Dragon Age 2 gaming to the next level you might want to check out the new peripherals that Razer released. One of them is the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Dragon Age 2 Mechanical Keyboard.

It’s definitely a beautiful gaming supplement but don’t expect it be “that” game-breaking. We own a BlackWidow Mechanical Keyboard and while it offers macros and it’s easier to type on you can still enjoy Dragon Age 2 with any keyboard. This is really just for the diehard fans out there.

It’s not yet available locally. Based on the Razer site you can order it for $139 USD. If it will come out as the same price as the BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboards in the Philippines then you can probably buy it for a little less than P6500 when it finally gets launched here.

Visit the Razer-Dragon Age 2 website.

Carlo Ople

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