Razer Unveils Mechanical Keyboard Case For 12.9-inch iPad Pro

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Gaming accessory maker Razer has set its sights on the mobile accessory market, and thinks there’s a future for its products among the mobile gaming crowd. The new Mechanical Keyboard Case, for example, is aimed at iPad Pro users to give them a notebook-like experience while using the gigantic tablet.

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Just like its name implies, the new case uses Razer’s ultra-low-profile Mechanical switches, which makes typing on the keyboard a breeze, requiring an actuation force of 70 grams, delivering the same feel as a traditional mechanical keyboard. The keys are backlit as well, and the package comes with an integrated kickstand to make things easier when you’re typing out long reports.

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The accessory does not connect via the lightning port on the iPad Pro, and instead uses a Bluetooth connection to work. Razer estimates that the keyboard has a battery life of 10 hours with the backlight on, and 600 hours with it off.

If you want it, it won’t be cheap – Razer’s priced the product at 7.9K, or around $169 in the US.

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