Redmi Showcases Redmi Y3’s Durability in Drop Test

Drops should not be a problem with this budget phone

Redmi has dropped a bunch of teasers involving the Redmi Y3. Aside from showcasing its 32-megapixel selfie camera and some of its key features like a 4000mAh battery, the guys over at Redmi India showcased the Redmi Y3’s durability by placing it in an empty trashcan, covering the trashcan’s top with packaging tape, and letting said trashcan roll down the stairs.

The result? The Redmi Y3 remained to be fully functional with no broken parts involved in the stunt.

Aside from the drop test, the video revealed the Redmi Y3’s back panel. Dressed in blue, the glossy back emits a rainbow-like gradient when light hits through it. The video also confirms the Redmi Y3’s waterdrop notch, dual rear camera setup, and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner. The Redmi Y3 is slated to launch in India on April 24, and the phone might be known globally as the Redmi S3.

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