Refurbished Galaxy Note 7’s Are Headed To Korea With Smaller Battery, Price

The phone is around 12.5K cheaper this time around

Rumors and reports about the eventual comeback of the Galaxy Note 7 isn’t new, though we’ve been missing one key component about the phone’s return – pricing. Since the phone was released last year and would have been refurbished with smaller batteries to prevent the issues that got it sidetracked in the first place, many people knew that Samsung would be reducing the price of the handset when it was eventually re-issued (possibly under a new name).

Well, a report from ETNews is claiming that refurbished Galaxy Note 7s will be arriving in Samsung’s home country of South Korea at the end of June with a smaller price tag and battery.

The report says that the phones will carry a price tag of 700,000 won, or around Php 30.8K. That’s a big reduction in price from the phone’s official South Korean price of 988,900 won, or Php 43.5K. Take note that the Galaxy Note 7 was launched in the Philippines with a lower Php 39,990 SRP.

That’s a 12.5K reduction in price for the phone, and if that same pricing scheme is applied here in the Philippines, you might see Samsung selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7s at Php 27,490.

Aside from the price, Samsung would have also reduced the battery of the refurbished Note 7s to 3,200mAh or even 3,000mAh, down from the 3,500mAh cells it had previously. There’s also a big possibility that the refurbished Note 7s would have Android Nougat out of the box when offered back to the public.

Would you buy a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 for 12.5K less?

John Nieves

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  1. Sana nga below 30k price nya when it hits our shores. If this will be released by the 2nd or 3rd quarter, magkakaron ata ng overlap ng pag release ng Samsung models. Note series always comes out on 3Q. Paano na kaya ang Note 8? There were rumors now surrounding this Samsung model. I saw concept designs but, of course, they are only ideas. But one thing is sure, it will have a name of SM-N950F.

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