Report: Samsung Dominates Global Android Usage at 38%, Sony’s Xperia XZ Most Popular Flagship of Late 2016


Apteligent, a “mobile application intelligence” company based in San Francisco, California, has just released an end-of-year review on the mobile industry in 2016. There’s plenty of graphs and data points in the report, so if you’re interested in more detail, head over to their website. For this post, we’ll just cover Samsung’s dominance in global Android device usage, and the unlikely late 2016 hit that is Sony’s flagship, the Xperia XZ.

Samsung Dominates the Top 10 Global Android Devices at 38% Usage


It’s interesting to see that Samsung’s previous flagship devices are still on the Top 10 charts. From Galaxy S4 to the S7 Edge, as well as the Note 3 to the Note 5, the report obviously shows that Samsung is still the most adopted brand in the smartphone industry. We’ll see how things will change in 2017, post-Note 7 disaster.

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Sony’s Xperia XZ is the Surprise Flagship Hit of Late 2016

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It’s clear that Sony’s doing something right, with the company’s Xperia XZ topping the list of most popular flagships of the last half of 2016. Had Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 not literally crash and burn, we’d be seeing it at an overwhelmingly high adoption rate compared to even the Xperia XZ, regardless of¬†having a two-month headstart launch.

In fact, looking at the chart, the already-discontinued Note 7 still enjoys a healthy popularity compared to other flagships still in circulation. Sadly, the explosive phablet is still more popular than the LG V20 and the HTC 10 Evo (Bolt).

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Source: GSMArena, Apteligent

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