Report: Xiaomi to Rely on Samsung for AMOLED Displays

Expect Samsung AMOLED screens for Xiaomi flagships next year.

According to Korean publication The Bell, Chinese electronics titan Xiaomi has signed a contract with Korean tech magnate Samsung for an OLED supply deal. Samsung will be providing Xiaomi with their AMOLED displays for the latter’s upcoming flagship handsets, such as the Xiaomi Mi 7, for the year 2018.

The report details that Samsung will be supplying 6-inch OLED panels for Xiaomi, with the first shipment starting in December 2017. Around 1 million units will be shipped in the first month, with another 2.2 million panels following in January 2018.

Xiaomi originally opted to avail of LG’s 5.5-inch OLED displays, but the deal was canceled due to operational difficulties in LG’s new manufacturing plant.

Source: GSMArena, The Investor KR

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