Rhythmz Blu Pro HD Headphones: Shiny, Wireless, and Portable


Bang for your buck Wireless Headphones

Most people associate “wireless headphone” with crazy prices. That’s to be expected since most Bluetooth powered headphones that produce decent sound are usually above Php10,000. That’s what the RHYTHMZ BLU HD Wireless Headphones aims to address. These cans offer good sound quality (for Bluetooth), sezzy and glossy design at a price tag that won’t blow your socks off. Priced at Php6,490 and exclusively available at Widget City, these cans offer nice value to people in the market for wireless headphones.

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Quick Unboxing

Very good packaging
Very good packaging

The Rhythmz Blu Pro HD Headphones comes in a pretty nice box. This type of packaging is what you usually see with cans worth more than Php10,000. We tore away the tape, popped out the internal container and laid out everything we could find in it on the table. Here’s what we got:

Lots of stuff!
Lots of stuff!

We have the ff: carrying case, 3.5mm premium flat cable, USB charging cable, cleaning cloth, and the headphones. Nice freebies! The hard case feels very durable as well. Not just a cheap carrying pouch.

Build and Design

The reason why there’s a cleaning cloth included in the package is for the beautiful, shiny, red finish of the cans. It’s a fingerprint and smudge magnet thanks to the glossy finish so if you’re the type that likes to keep their gadgets squeaky clean, always make sure you carry the the cleaning cloth in the hard case.


The padding had an adequate amount softness and surprisingly it doesn’t heat up on your ears while wearing it for long hours. Comfort levels are definitely on the high side with this one. As for portability, you can easily fold it and store it away in the case if you’re on the go.

Innovative Features

The feature set of these cans reminds us a lot of the Parrot Zik (which costs much much much more). Just like the Zik, it has gesture/touch based controls.

  • Sliding and holding your finger vertically on the right side of the headset panel adjusts the volume.
  • Sliding your finger horizontally lets you play the next or previous song.

Cool eh?

Of course the most useful feature is its bluetooth capable. It works well on our iPad, iPad and iPhone as well as Android devices and our PC laptop . We actually seldom use the 3.5mm flat cable. The power button found on the right side of the headset also serves as an answer button when taking or making calls. The light coming from bottom blinks when using the bluetooth. Although the user may not notice it but it may bother people around because of its bright blinking light.

Nice carrying case btw.
Nice carrying case btw.

Sound Quality and Verdict

We still live in a day and age that wired cans still beat the crap out of wireless. That said, the Rhythmz Blu Pro HD Headphones can go toe-to-toe with most Bluetooth cans in the Php10,000-Php12,000 price range. If you’re a true blooded audiophile this probably isn’t for you but if you’re a casual listener that just doesn’t want any cables then you should consider this as it offers good value for money compared to other products out there in the market.

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