Rumor: Meizu Aiming to Launch a “100% Bezel-Free” Smartphone Next Month


The Battle of the Bezel-less is (un)officially underway, folks. Two weeks ago, Xiaomi rocked the smartphone industry with its near bezel-free handset, the Mi MIX flagship with a crazy 91.3% screen-to-body ratio. The Mi MIX launched to rave reviews, with a lot of tech enthusiasts hailing it as the “future of smartphones.”

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Meizu hopes to challenge Xiaomi’s feat with a rumored 100% bezel-free handset, according to PhoneRadar‘s sources over at Weibo. A teaser image and renders of the alleged phone have already been spotted over at the Chinese forums, along with gossip of its release window on December 24th. No other details have been leaked though.


As with any leak, we’ll have to take this news with a pinch of salt until more information surfaces. Keep tuned to Unbox and we’ll keep you updated with more details on Meizu’s mystery phone.


Source: PhoneRadar, Weibo

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