Samsung Confirms Fixing Note 5 Stylus Holster To Prevent Backwards Insertion


Better late than never

We loved Samsung’s Note 5 when it came out last year. The display, camera and the overall performance of the device was evident during our review, though many people were unhappy about the fact that you could freely insert the S-Pen backwards into its holster and suddenly break the thing. Apparently, Samsung has listened to feedback, and have overhauled the internals of newer Note 5’s coming off the assembly line to prevent this issue.

While Samsung has confirmed that they have indeed changed out the internals to prevent this, there’s no way of knowing when the company rolled it out. Samsung’s tight-lipped currently when the change took place, but it’s safe to say that the latest batches of the Note 5 have the change. Best bet is to not tempt fate and install the stylus backwards – which is pretty much common sense at this point in time.

You can read our Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review here.


John Nieves

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    1. Dapat lang. Yung mga luma nilang model di tinatanggap yung pen kapag baligtad ang pagpasok. Tapos itong latest and greatest nila, pwede pabaligtad ang pasok tapos nasisira pa. Di naman kasi sa lahat ng panahon eh naka focus tayo sa mga ginagawa natin.

      Pero ampangit ng solution nila. Band-aid solution. Literally.

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