Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Extra Battery Kit Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Extra Battery Kit Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Extra Battery Kit 2 Review

The Extra Battery Kit is by far my favorite accessory for Samsung smartphones. I first encountered it with the first generation Galaxy Note and I got it as well for the Galaxy S3. That’s why when it came out for the Galaxy Note 2, I immediately got one as well. What’s so special about it? It’s a standalone charging device that can also function as a dock for the Galaxy Note 2. It also comes with an extra battery. Awesome.

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The charging device/dock. The top part opens up and you can insert the extra battery there.
Where you insert the battery
microUSB port. Plug it there to charge the battery inside.

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How to Maximize It

Use it as how it was intended to be used. Charge the extra battery and always keep it with you (in the bag). When you run out of battery just swap the empty one with the fresh pack and then charge the one that’s out of juice. Since the battery life of the Galaxy Note 2 is legendary you’ll have more than enough time with your fresh new charge to get to a microUSB charger (either via USB or wall outlet).

Pricing and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Extra Battery Kit is now available in various gadget shops and Samsung Mobile Stores. Unfortunately the pricing is erratic. Some stores sell it for as high as Php3,000. The cheapest one we found was Php1,900 (Samsung Mobile Store in SM Megamall). The usual price in Greenhills is Php2,300-Php2,500.

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  1. Sir aask ko lang kung pareho ba sila nung gawa ng samsung talaga.kasi check ko ung black unit ung led light niya round lang.pero itong puti paoval po siya.bibili kasi ako para sa mama ko at sa akin na din for note 2.

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