Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Holder Kit Review

Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Holder Kit Review

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Holder Kit

One of the reasons why I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note was the solid integration of the S Pen into the overall user experience. However I was a bit disappointed when I found out how small the S Pen was. It was a bit hard to use since it was so thin and short. That’s probably the reason why I rarely used the pen outside of annotation of images for work. However that all changed when I got the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen Holder Kit! This accessory basically turns your thin and short S Pen into a full sized, perfectly holdable and useable, and nice-looking pen for your Galaxy Note. Check out our review below!

Packaging and Unboxing

Just like the Desktop Dock, the S Pen Holder Kit comes in a simple carton box. Just remove the tape from the side and pull out the plastic tray holding the contents.

Simple and straightforward box

What’s inside the box? You get the manual, an S Pen (yay), and the S Pen Holder. The S Pen in this package is the exact S Pen that comes with your Galaxy Note. This means that if you lost your previous S Pen you can easily just replace it with this one.

Om Nom not included.

The S Pen Holder

How does the S Pen Holder work? Simple. You open it just like any other fountain pen and then put the S Pen inside. Make sure you align the S Pen button with the Holder Kit Button or else you won’t be able to press on it. Twist to lock and then you’re good to go!

What’s the advantage of using the S Pen Holder? Well it’s obvious — you get to use the S Pen as if it was a normal sized pen. The Holder makes it easier to use especially when you want to annotate a lot of material or if you want to use the S Pen input for text messaging and e-mail. The Holder also makes the S Pen button more reachable so that you don’t have to extend your pointing finger just to press it.

Yoda likes the S Pen Holder too.

Pricing and Availability

The biggest problem with the S Pen Holder Kit? The price. At 10% discount we were able to get this for around Php1,600+. This means that the SRP is actually in the Php1,800+ level. That’s a pretty high price for the package even if it does come with an extra S Pen.

The S Pen Holder Kit was available for sale during the Samsung Tab Lab event in Eastwood. Expect it to be sold in Samsung Mobile stores this month.

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  1. Cool but not for me. I always lose my pens before, so I’m glad that the s-pen can be stored inside the Note. If ever I’ll delve into a bigger s-pen, it should have something else to offer, like the way the stylus of the upcoming Asus Padfone works. It doubles as a bluetooth headpiece.

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