Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock

Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock Kit

Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock Kit

Despite my earlier pronouncement that I’m not a fan of stuff that you stick to the windshield I ended up getting the official Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock at the Samsung Mobile Store in Vmall, Greenhills. I was hesitant to get one because all the previous docks for my phones just broke down on me after a few days of use. However it looks like this particular dock is a keeper! Not only does it keep the Samsung Galaxy Note steady but it also charges it and even activates the Vehicle Mode function automatically for voice commands! Oh and this thing is definitely sturdy. You can tell that they used good materials just by holding it.

The dock comes with a car charger as well 🙂 Awesome.

To make the most of this you’ve got to learn how to use the voice commands. The built-in voice command system of the Samsung Galaxy Note isn’t as comprehensive as Siri but it can definitely deliver the core functions well. I’ve been using it often the past week for simple commands like calling, navigating (maps), and searching. Complicated commands like long texts tend to get jumbled up because it can’t understand everything I’m saying, lol. If you’re going to stick to the basic functions though it’s actually very useful.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Vehicle Dock sells for Php2,500 in the official Samsung Mobile store.

Samsung Bluetooth Headset

By the way you guys might want to use a bluetooth headset while the Note is docked. There are a lot of good brands out there like Jabra, Hisense, and Jawbone. I was able to get the official Samsung Bluetooth Headset. Photo below. Note that this is sold separately from the Vehicle Dock.

Official Samsung Bluetooth Headset

I can’t remember the exact price of this headset but it’s around Php2,000. It can connect to two phones at the same time.

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    I’m afraid, I didn’t know ahead of time, that there’s an event like this which I could have went to.. I’ve been looking for the Galaxy Note Dock, but can’t seem to find any, from any Samsung Dealers.. Any idea where they sell the Galaxy Note’s dock? Or where I can get or buy this?


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