Samsung is Reportedly Releasing Wireless Earphones Along with the S8

We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors surrounding Samsung’s incoming flagship device: the Samsung Galaxy S8. We’ve seen its possible spec sheet and heard of its possible inclusion of a dual camera setup, but we’ve also been hearing that the Korean brand may also be ditching the 3.5mm jack ala Apple. While we’re still hoping that Samsung doesn’t ditch the beloved audio port, reports are now coming in to support that they might be doing just that and honestly, it makes us a little sad.

Samsung is reportedly launching wireless in-ear headphones parallel to the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Edge, and possibly even a third variant. While one would think that these could be the newest iteration of the IconX, our source suggests that these wireless headphones will be a cheaper alternative and may possibly be shipped with the newest flagship smartphones from the Korean brand.

With what happened to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, could this move to innovate rather than give customers what they want end up hurting the Korean brand in the long run? I guess we’ll have to wait for rumors to be addressed and official statements to be released.

Source: Android Authority

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