Samsung Kills Off J-series, Replaces With A-series

Gets replaced with A-series

Samsung has officially killed off its J-series of devices, removing the name entirely from their lineup. Replacing it will be the company’s new A-series of phones, which is on track to bring more affordable mid-range smartphones to the masses with a highly anticipated launch tomorrow.

While it’s entirely speculation on our part, Samsung’s J-series of phones haven’t been popular with consumers, as the device line has been beaten at every turn by more affordable options from Xiaomi and other Chinese competitors. Samsung has taken a new track this year to regain lost market share, led by their new, affordable M-series of smartphones first unveiled in India.

Samsung’s Galaxy A-series of phones will become the brand’s affordable, entry-level devices in markets that don’t see the official release of their budget M-series of phones. Considering that the M-series was specifically built for emerging markets like India and the Philippines, this isn’t a surprising turn of events.

In a video published by Samsung Malaysia, the Korean chaebol promises that their A-series of smartphones will pack long battery life, fast charging, multi-lens cameras, and on-screen fingerprint scanner.

Obviously, not all A-series phones will have those features, but it’s a sure bet that any new A-series smartphone will have at least one of those features.

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