Samsung Might Give in to the Notch with New Set of Patent Filings

Joining the club soon?

With all the mixed reactions about the notch, there are only a few brands who have stood their ground to using notch-free displays. Samsung proved that there’s no need for one with the Galaxy S9 and S9+. However, these new patent filings say otherwise.

In these new set of documents, Samsung is considering two options: either go with the notch or go with a true all-display design. For the former, the drawings show that the notch will house the earpiece, front camera, and iris sensor. Unlike most notch-sporting phones that released lately, Samsung’s version has no visible bottom chin, making it closer to the iPhone X’s design. On the positive side, the headphone jack lives another day with this version.



Also worth noting are the dual rear cameras, of which Samsung filed for different layouts.


For the second patent filing, Samsung seems to be working on an all-display version, though we are puzzled at where the earpiece and front camera will be placed. Other than that, this patent filing omits the headphone jack, and a SIM tray is nowhere to be found, which hints at this version possibly using an e-SIM.



Samsung Officially announces the Galaxy J7 Duo in India

Samsung Officially announces the Galaxy J7 Duo in India

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