Samsung Retains Top Global Smartphone Sales Despite COVID-19 Pandemic

Apple and Huawei come in at 2nd and 3rd respectively

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made an effect on all industries—smartphones included. In Counterpoint’s February 2020 report, global smartphones declined to 14% compared to last year, with China bearing the brunt of the decline at 38%. 

On a per-brand basis, Samsung remains to be the top-selling brand with a 22% global share, followed by Apple and Huawei at 14% and 13% respectively. Counterpoint explains that Samsung took the lead as it has minimum exposure to the Chinese supply chain and China market demand.

“The coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented in nature and scale, but there are historical parallels we can learn from and these give us confidence that the mobile communications sector can ride-out this storm without too much damage in the longer term,” Counterpoint Senior Analyst Jene Park said.


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