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Samsung SleepSense Can Turn Off the Lights, Air-Con, and more When You Fall Asleep

Samsung SleepSense
Samsung SleepSense

Samsung Going Full Blast on IoT

Samsung is betting big on the “Internet of Things”. To those who are not familiar with IoT, it’s basically connecting and making all the stuff you can in your household connected and smart. For the bedroom Samsung just announced SleepSense, a sleep activity monitoring device. It’s a slim disk that you just slide under your mattress and it tracks all the metrics associated with sleeping such as breathing rate, heart rate, etc.

Here’s what it looks like:

samsung sleepsense 2

The data collected is then thrown over to your smartphone app and from there you can get expert advice as the app functions as your personal sleep consultant. If you have other Samsung products that are connected to your network, SleepSense can also trigger them depending on your sleeping activity.

For example — when you fall asleep the A/C unit will turn off. Instant savings! This alone will let SleepSense pay for itself, hehe. It can also turn off your Smart TV once you’ve fallen asleep (great for those who stare at the TV to get sleepy).

There’s no word yet on pricing and availability but it will be launched first in Korea later this year.

If you want to learn more about Samsung Smart Things, check out their segment in the keynote at IFA 2015 below.

Samsung Smart Things (Internet of Things) Keynote at IFA 2015

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  1. Ayun! Kaya pala tinanggal ang ir blaster sa note 5 at malamang sa upcoming phones dahil pipilitin nila sa sariling ecosystem ang samsung fans with sleepsense. Good job samsung, tuloy nyo lang ang pagtanggal sa features na nagustuhan ng mga tao para diretso na sa negative ang sales report nyo hanggang dumating ang s10.

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