Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, and Tablet on August 13?


Galaxy Note Series Users, Rejoice!

Samsung is set to do another major product reveal this coming August 13 as they hold an Unpacked event in New York city. Multiple teasers including articles on the Samsung corporate blog, images on their social media accounts, and even leaks from case manufacturers have been circulating all over social media.

As far as we can tell, Samsung will be launching three products. First one is the successor to the critically acclaimed Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. From what we’ve seen from the leaks, the Note 5 will sport the unibody metal design and build of the S6 series. Will this spell the end for expandable storage and removable battery for the Note line? 😮

Is this the Galaxy Note 5? Photo from a third party case manufacturer
Is this the Galaxy Note 5? Photo from a third party case manufacturer

We also have a bigger Galaxy S6 Edge which will probably be called the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. This one is easy to picture. Just think of the Galaxy S6 Edge and blow it up to 5.7-inches. There’s definitely a market for this since we heard a lot of people say that they found the S6 and the S6 Edge “too small”.

Leaks of the Galaxy Edge Plus?
Leaks of the Galaxy Edge Plus?

Lastly we have the rumored tablet. If you scroll up you’ll see in the teaser image of Samsung that there are three devices. At the very top we is most likely to be the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus followed by the Galaxy Note 5. That bigger screen at the bottom looks like a tablet of sorts. There are no leaks or details yet though so at this point your guess is as good as ours.

There’s already a teaser countdown page on the Samsung Philippines website for the upcoming Unpacked Event. We’ll definitely bring you the news as we get them come Unpacked.

Let us know what you guys think of the leaks and rumors of the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus below!

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