Samsung’s New Speakers Upgrade Your Audio To 32-bit

Samsung has announced brand new entries into their AV lineup today that promises to elevate your listening experience to a whole new level. The H7 Wireless speaker and MS750 soundbar are able to upscale your audio to 32-bits, thanks to its new Ultra High Quality (UHQ) audio technology, upscaling both 8-bit and 24-bit sound to output at 32-bit.

The H7 Wireless speaker is has dual wheel controls set on a metal body, and if it wasn’t obvious enough, wireless connects to the device of choice via Bluetooth. The speaker has UHQ audio capabilities as well as a bass response that’s able to play frequencies as low as 35Hz, and sound quality that’ll impress even the most jaded of audiophiles.

The MS750 SoundBar also supports UHQ audio but unlike the H7, it’s aimed at the home cinema market. Aside from delivering 7.1 surround sound, Samsung claims that the MS750 has subwoofer-quality bass, as well as being relatively simple to integrate into your home theater setup.

No price has been set yet for the two audio products, but be prepared to shell out mucho dinero for both when they find their way here.

John Nieves

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