Samsung’s Newest Monitors Has A Built-in Wireless Charger In The Base


Pretty convenient

Samsung has announced two new monitors way, way ahead of their supposed IFA debut – the 24-inch S24E370DL and 27-inch S27E370DS. These two full HD monitors pack all the latest tech that you’d expect from one of the world’s leading display makers, which includes AMD’s anti-flicker gaming tech, 178 viewing angles as well as fast response times. The killer feature of these new monitors though, is the wireless charger that has been integrated into the base of the monitor, using the Qi wireless standard. That means your Galaxy S6, Note 4 and any other wireless-charging capable device now have a place to rest while you’re doing work or just saving the world from whatever evil genius that your game is having you fight. No price on these two new monitors as of yet, sadly.

John Nieves

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