SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDHC Memory Card

SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDHC Memory Card

Looking for high quality microSD cards?

I went to Greenhills to shop around for a new microSD card for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 since the 16GB one I initially got wasn’t enough anymore for the multiple TV series episodes I’ve been stuffing in it. After doing some research online and asking around for advice from friends I decided to go for the fastest and biggest (storage) that my budget could afford me. I ended up getting the SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDHC Memory Card (Class 10).

Match made in heaven?

Faster, Bigger, Better?

Here’s a video that talks about the speed of the SanDisk Mobile Ultra that was uploaded by one of my favorite tech video blogs, The Technoclast.

I’ll try to do some tests to verify the claims. Check back again in a few days!

SRP ranges from Php3,400-Php3,600 for the 64GB SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64GB microSDHC.

Lots of storage. Yummeh.

Carlo Ople

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    1. Hi Russel! A lot of the stores sell them at the third floor of V Mall. Just go around and look for the best price. I got mine for Php3,450 but from what I’ve heard there are stores who sell it for Php3,100-Php3,300.

  1. I have been using this microsd card on my Motorola Razr for 6 months. Speed is noticeably faster than the 32GB card I had before, but the greatest gain of course is the amount of space for all your stuff. Loads of music. Loads os pictures. Loads of videos. Never slows down even when fully loaded.

  2. Carlo, went to V-Mall and found a shop selling this card for 2,700. Sulit! It’s right beside Best Buy. Question lang, where were you able to buy the battery kit? Checked Mega and Greenhills, parehong out of stock.

  3. I bought mine for 2600 64gb class 10 now my storage is 80% full of books.anime.comic books. And the reserved memory is for my camera and vid adventures. Now my gnote2 is all so happy.

  4. Hi everyone.
    Will the Sandisk Microsdxc i find in V mall third floor be original? I have never bought from V mall before so I am a bit concerned.

    Thanks for any advice

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