SMART about to start 4G LTE Closed Beta Testing

SMART LTE to go Public Closed Beta!

SMART LTE (4G) enters Closed Beta Phase

We first wrote about this a few months ago when Smart decided to give a sneak peek to a few bloggers for their LTE dongle in Boracay. They followed this up by having another demo in stockholder’s meeting of PLDT in Dusit Hotel. Fast forward a few more months and now Smart is now gearing up for their Closed Beta for SMART 4G LTE. This is supposed to be the fastest mobile and portable internet connection available. It’s supposed to give you up to 42 mbps download speeds. That’s ridiculously fast and it’s a huge leapfrog forward compared to the speeds that we have today.

That’s probably the reason why a lot of people are skeptical about this service. Smart hasn’t completed fully rolling out their HSPA+ sites yet (but kudos to them since they have over 800 sites now) and they’re already working on LTE. The HSPA+ signal does work though if you have coverage. I happen to have coverage at my condo in Greenhills and I get great speeds especially during the evening.

Public Beta Sign-ups on-going

Smart just put up a page on their site asking applicants for their closed beta testing. You can fill up the information on the page and maybe Smart will pick you to be on of the testers for their newest product. Note that there’s no guarantee that you’ll get accepted into the program.

We applied for the program and hopefully we’ll get accepted. If ever we do expect a lot of tests and updates. We’ll definitely put that 42 mbps claim to the test.

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  1. Local telcos should consider those wired technologies in Japan, those cheap fiber optics cable which look likes plastic, very reliable compared to wireless. But well I can’t blame them, Philippines is susceptible to storm and that’s why they’re investing more on wireless tech

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