Smart Makes its LTE-A Pocket WiFi Available in Prepaid Kits

After initially announcing its LTE-A Pocket WiFi for postpaid subscribers, Smart is making it available as a prepaid kit for Php 1,995.

Compared Smart’s previous-generation LTE Pocket WiFi, the LTE-A Pocket WiFi makes use of carrier aggregation, which combines more than one component carrier together within and across bands to handle more traffic and use available capacity more efficiently. As a result, LTE-A delivers significantly faster download and upload speeds. 

Like the postpaid version, the prepaid version can connect up to 10 WiFi devices, ranging from smartphones, tablets, to laptops. Its 2000mAh battery can last for up to 7 hours of use. This makes the LTE-A Pocket WiFi ideal for students with online classes and those with online gigs and businesses.

With the prepaid version, users can choose from different Smart Giga promos to suit their needs.

Here Are The Best Smart Giga Promos To Subscribe To

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