The Sony A7c Brings Full Frame to a More Compact Body

A love child of the A6600 and A7 III

What happens if you combine the A7 III’s full-frame sensor with the A6600‘s compact body? You get the A7c. Announced today, Sony’s latest camera maintains the footprint of the A6600 (it is only 1% bigger and 6 grams heavier) while packing a full-frame 24-megapixel BSI sensor inside it.

Here’s what you are getting with the A7c:

Up to 4K video shooting. That 24-megapixel BSI sensor can shoot 4K video at up to 30FPS or Full HD video at up to 120FPS, though you are limited to 4:2:0 8-bit and 100Mbps bit rates. That should not be a big deal, as you still have both S-Log2 and S-Log3 for maximizing dynamic range.

Fast, continuous AF. The A7c gets you an ultra-fast hybrid phase-detection AF with 693 phase-detection points for the whole frame, along with human and animal eye-tracking and object tracking. It may be 1FPS slower than the A6600, but that is not a huge deal since you can shoot up to 10FPS with continuous AF tracking (in 14-bit RAW and JPG).

Vlogger-friendly features. As a camera geared towards vloggers, you get goodies like 5-axis in-body stabilization, a 3-inch, fully articulating display, separate headphone and microphone jacks, and an NP-FZ100 battery that is rated for up to 740 shots when using the LCD monitor. Of course, you still get a hot shoe for mounting accessories, along with an EVF if you prefer shooting that way.

An interesting price point. The A7c is priced at $1800(~Php 87.2k) for the body only and $2100(~Php 101.7k) with the equally compact FE 28-60mm f/4-5.6 kit lens. That’s an affordable full-frame camera for Sony standards: currently, the A7 III sells for Php 115,999 for the body only and Php 129,999 with the kit lens. In comparison to the A6600, Sony’s top-end APS-C camera sells for Php 80,999 for the body only and Php 103,999 with the kit lens.

Even if we adjust the A7c’s pricing for the Philippines (local pricing is always more expensive than US pricing because of taxes), the A7c is expected to be at least under Php 100k for the body only, which is not bad of a deal especially for Sony users craving for that full-frame goodness on a compact body.

The ZV-1, Sony’s other vlogging camera.

The big question: Who is the intended audience?

Considering that Sony did launch a smaller vlogging camera with the ZV-1 a few months ago, the A7c offers more connectivity options, interchangeable lens, and of course, a full-frame sensor. Being almost triple the price of the ZV-1, the A7c offers added versatility and can act as a backup or main camera for those invested in the E-mount system.

Right now, Sony has a vlogging camera for every price point: if you want something really compact and affordable, go for the ZV-1. If you want something with interchangeable lenses, you can go for the current crop of A6600. If you crave for full-frame goodness in a compact body (and find the A7 III too big for you), then the A7c is your option.


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