Sony and OnePlus Showcased 5G Prototypes at MWC 2019

Both come with 21:9 displays

5G is one of the key trends for this year. While the majority of brands have showcased production-ready phones, there are some who only have prototypes as of now. That is the case with OnePlus and Sony, who showcased their prototype 5G phones placed in a protective casing to avoid any possible leak about the final design.

Sony’s 5G Prototype.
OnePlus’ 5G prototype.

What’s common between the two devices is that both use a Snapdragon 855 processor paired with the 5G-capable X50 modem. Both of them come with extra-tall 21:9 displays, with OnePlus’ prototype fueling speculation that it might be their first device with a display resolution higher than Full HD.

Sony’s prototype, on the other hand, looks a lot like the Xperia 1. However, since it is encased, we cannot say that the said prototype is essentially a modified Xperia 1.

At their demo booths, OnePlus’ prototype demonstrated its cloud gaming capabilities, while Sony’s prototypes showcased a looped video, along with a speed test gauge.

Both Sony and OnePlus plan to launch their commercial 5G devices later this year.

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