Sony Updates their EXTRA BASS Series with New Headphones and Wireless Speakers

At CES 2017, Sony unveiled new entries to their much-lauded EXTRA BASS series of audio products. The company showcased four new headphones and four new portable wireless speakers, all with a Spring 2017 release window. In standard Sony fashion, the new peripherals come in with the usual, annoying alpha-numeric naming scheme. Seriously, Sony needs to up the ante when it comes to marketing fluff.

MDR-XB950N1 Wireless Headphones


  • MDR-XB950N1 – Flagship wireless headphones. Bluetooth, built-in microphone, noise cancellation, foldable, 22 hours of playback
  • MDR-XB950B1 – Shares the same specs as the 950N1, except without noise cancellation and only 18 hours of playback
  • MDR-XB550AP – Wired, on-ear, built-in microphone, in-line remote, available in different colors
  • MDR-XB510AS – Wired, in-ear, sports-oriented, water resistance
MDR-XB550AP Wired Headphones


MDR-XB510AS Wired Sports Headphones



  • SRS-XB40 / SRS-XB30 / SRS-XB20 – Wireless Bluetooth speakers, NFC, water resistant design. Speaker lights with “club-like effects.”
  • SRS-XB10 – Small wireless Bluetooth speakers, NFC, 16 hours of playback. Comes with a strap.
SRS-XB10 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers


Source: The Verge

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