Soundfreaq Sound Stack Review

Soundfreaq Sound Stack up for review!

Soundfreaq Sound Stack Review

The Sound Stack is the latest and most hi-fi product released by Soundfreaq. It’s much bigger compared to the previous models but it definitely packs more punch. The bigger drivers, subwoofers, and connectivity options make this a solid audio player for the living room or the office. It’s not as portable but you’ll really enjoy your music more.

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One of the best things about products by Soundfreaq is the many ways you can connect music players to their speakers. This is definitely the case once again with the Sound Stack. You can connect your device via Bluetooth, standard audio jack, USB, or if you’re using an iOS device via the dock. We put the Bluetooth connectivity to test by trying it out with different phones. Here are the results:

Let’s start with the Smart Netphone:

Smart Netphone connected to Sound Stack via Bluetooth

Now let’s take a look at the BlackBerry Bold:

BlackBerry Bold 9790

Let’s give the new Nokia N9 a try:

Nokia N9 connected too!

And last, but definitely not the least, the iPhone:

All phones were able to play the tracks over Bluetooth without any problems.

As mentioned earlier you can also use the dock if you’re using an iOS device. This is a great way to enjoy music because you can just use the remote control that comes with the Sound Stack so you don’t have to keep going there to pick your songs or adjust the volume. The dock also charges your iOS device. Here are some photos:

iPad 2 docked on the Soundfreaq Sound Stack
iPhone 4 docked on the Sound Stack

Sound Quality

The Sound Stack ain’t no slouch when in comes to producing good music. You can ramp up the volume and your songs won’t break up (just make sure you don’t use sub 320 tracks). The bass is very punchy and the mids are clear and the highs are nice as well. It’s no home theater system like the JBL Sound Bar but it definitely does an excellent job as speakers for your mobile devices or even your laptop.


It’s hard to give a solid verdict at this point because we don’t have the official SRP yet. From what I’ve read online this should sell for $400 USD or roughly Php17,000. At that price it’s actually pretty good. If you have extra budget though and you want the next level then you might want to explore the Focal XS or the JBL Sound Bar.

Soundfreaq is distributed by Digits Trading (Digital Hub or Digital Walker)

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