SoundMAGIC E10M In-Ear Headset

High performance In-Ear Headset that won’t leave a burning hole in your wallet!

SoundMAGIC E10M In-Ear Headset

SoundMAGIC is known for their budget-friendly earphones. Note though that budget-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean low performance. The products of SoundMAGIC are actually pretty good and I’ve been using their sub-Php1,000 earphones for quite sometime now and I have no complaints especially with the low price. Since I’ve been a satisfied customer it was natural for me to get curious with their more expensive models like the SoundMAGIC E10M. The E10M packs better drivers and over-all specifications plus it also has an in-line remote control and microphone which is perfect for people who do their music listening on their smartphones.

They’re kinda stylish too!
Comes with all the essentials: extra tips, cables, and a carrying pouch

In terms of sound quality the E10M is leaning towards more on the bassy side of things. The clarity of the mids is still there and it can hold it’s own against earphones that cost a thousand pesos more. That said I’m pretty sold on the performance-per-peso of the E10M.

As for the microphone and the remote control they work with both iOS and Android devices. Call quality and reception using the earphones and the microphone is also superb.

In-line remote control of the E10M

Probably my only beef with the E10M are the wires. They easily tangle up if you crumple them in your hands.

Pricing and Availability

SoundMAGIC products are already being sold by various gadget stores including Apple Resellers. The SoundMAGIC E10M In-Ear Headset retails for Php2,100.

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PPS: We just confirmed from SoundMAGIC Philippines that we will be raffling off a couple of their products! Stay tuned for more announcements this week!

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