Starmobile Flirt: Dual-core, Android Jelly Bean, 4.5 qHD Display and 12MP Camera

Meet the Starmobile Flirt
Meet the Starmobile Flirt

Starmobile Flirt Specs and Pricing Unveiled!

Unlike their competitors, Starmobile hasn’t been coming out with multiple waves of new models every month. It’s actually not a bad thing because judging by their track record, each time they release a product it’s usually polished and refined. Both the Starmobile Astra and Starmobile Crystal gave exceptional value for money and I still consider both of them as some two of the best locally branded smartphones in the market today. That tradition of high quality products is very evident with their newest offering: the Starmobile Flirt.

The Starmobile Flirt boasts of specs superior to that of the Crystal. The most obvious upgrades are Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and the 12-megapixel rear-facing camera with BSI (backside illumination) technology. Not bad right? Here’s a quick rundown of the specifications.

Starmobile Flirt Spec Sheet (Updated)

  • 1GHz Dual-core Processor
  • 512MB RAM
  • 4GB ROM, expandable via microSD up to 32GB
  • 4.5-inch QHD Display (around ~220 pixels per inch)*
  • 12.0-megapixel rear-facing camera BSI with LED Flash
  • 3.0-megapixel front-facing camera BSI
  • WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth, 3G, GPS
  • Dual SIM, Dual Standby
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • Free with 8GB microSD card and Screen Protector
  • 1,700mAh battery (extra battery to be sold under Php500)
  • Comes in Ultra Blue and Ultra Red colors
  • Pre-installed with apps
  • Price: Php9,290

We were actually able to get some hands-on time with the Starmobile Flirt but we’ll save that for another post. For now we’d like to congratulate Starmobile for raising the bar once again of the quality of local branded smart devices. Looking forward to reviewing this!

FYI to those wondering when this will be available, the Starmobile Flirt should be in selected Starmobile resellers and Starmobile Kiosks this FRIDAY. It will also be available through Zalora. Purchases there will get you a free Php500 GC to shop in their online shop. Not a bad deal.

Ultra Red Starmobile Flirt!

Carlo Ople

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    1. its a superb locally made phone. its an awesome phone at par with other known models such as nokia lumia. in fact it feels like you have a nokia lumia. But the best thing is, for a phone that is at par with known and high priced brands, it is affordable with only less than 10 K (about Php 9,200.00). For the known brands such as nokia, samsung, htc, sony… etc… its something from Php23,000.00 to Php35,000.00). I already have a Starmobile Flirt and its an awesome smartphone with features like a min-tablet.

  1. This is very good specs! LOL @ektits! 1700mah is already high! and 512mb Ram is much enough to run a JB ROM! I bet you own a flare which has a 1500 mah battery but low quality one! FYI 1500 mah for specs of flare is sufficient enough, but CM put a low class of bat, that’s why you have notion that 1500mah bat is low capacity. LOL!

    This is very good specs at its price, this is a steal!

    1. 1700mah is pretty mediocre given that it runs android on a dual core and 4.5″ screen. unless the oem manufacturer did that on purpose for a slimmer body, around less than 9mm, than i guess that would make up for it. the ram is a major let down at only 512mb but you get a 12mp bsi shooter with led flash. but @ 9.3k? i would have been more comfortable with it the 8-8.7price range.

  2. Interesting on several points:

    1. Dual core is good but what processors do they use? Hopefully not generic or no-name ones if they’re trying to sell a multimedia device. Snapdragon or Tegra, hopefully.

    2. Freak 12-megapixel rear-facing camera is simply hardware on steroids. Competent din kaya yung software?

    3. Android phone makers simply do not understand that people have been listening to music or playing games or movies on their phones. Since Starmobile is a local brand, I wonder if they factored in that understanding and put in the necessary tweaks to make the FM radio louder and the overall line-out sound quality better without the use of apps like Noozxoide EIZO-rewire, Volume+, etc.

    4. Php9290 for specs like those are a deal indeed. But will this phone be supported for long-term development? I mean 1Ghz dual core is pretty standard and we already have quad cores. 512 RAM? Alanganin.

    Back in 2010 ZTE Blade (the “Netphone”) sold for that price too, and there’s still massive documentation and support for it up to now. Eto kaya?

    1. malamang mediatek… support? dont count on it… local rebranders are not known for it. pero sa pricing ng starmobile i guess you would expect to get after sales support considering their “premium” pricing against the local competition. pero ganyan talaga basta negosyo, lokohan lang sa consumers.

  3. Mukha ok at least after one year pwed bumili ng bago, kht ano ganda o high end ng phone after 6 to 1 year luma na din agad dahil may bago n laging lumalabas, at sa totoo lang mgsasawa kyo at gusto nyo bago,

  4. 512MB Ram is offsetted by its Jellybean OS! JellyBean OS out of the box is very hard to find now. that’s a major factor here. I think this the phone im waiting….. or better wait for Starmobile Diamond?

    1. @angel….Jellybean Os is not hard to find now….. 512mb ram is a major factor… go ahead and buy one … tingnan ko lng bka sumangayon k pa sa marami sa amin dito hayz… but of corse hindi mo gagawin yun to save yourself from humiliation…. haha frustrated ka na humiliated k pa…

  5. try mo mag hd games jan sa 512mb ram angel or do multitasking..bka magsisi ka haha 1g ram can do multitasking hd games+ text+watching movie+websurfing. yan ang capacity ng kata I1 ko :)

  6. guys, imo mag my phone na lang kayo kasi yung quality hindi cheap except sa mapa sa likod ng case nya. pero under sony kasi sya so most probably yung parts nya katulad din sa xperia kaso made in china lang. kaya mas mababa price nya kasi mababa labor compensation dun and the brand is not that really famous yet. thanks.

  7. Im excited when i got this unit.pero 2 mths plang eh sira na sya, ayaw na mgcharge. Then pina repair ko sya, after 2 mths of repair, nkuha ko na sya. At first ok, but ng malobat sya, then i will charge na, ayaw nanaman, so, im disappointed rigth now, ok sana sya but mahina ang battery,mabilis mlobat.kht hnd ginagamit nlolobat agad…pls explain.

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