Starmobile to Challenge International Brands With Their Own Bang for the Buck Phone

Starmobile Bang for the buck

Starmobile will fire back with their own offering

It’s no secret that the appearance of international bang for the buck phones are messing with the release cycles of local brands and are taking the wind from their sales in terms of product hype. The combination of high specs and good pricing has had people flocking to Alcatel, Meizu, Lenovo and Huawei. It’s a situation that’s not unknown to all local brands though, least of all not Starmobile, and Elijah Mendoza, product marketing manager is promising that they’ll come out with their own interpretation of the bang for the buck phone.

“You can rest assured that very very soon we will have something that’s comparable to these international brands that offer the same hi tech features and bang for the buck prices, and even exceed all expectations as we have had in the past,” Elijah said during the interview.

We’re hoping that Starmobile delivers on this promise, as local brands are supposed to be drastically more affordable than international brands. We don’t know exactly when this new phone will launch but you can be sure that we’ll be reporting it as soon as it does.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. i doubt seriously as we all know zenfone, alcatel flash, lenovo, honor are sky rocketing on the heads of the consumers.. and starmobile is almost like a thing in the past. But who knows perhaps 4-6gb ram? we will see.. in the end.. i still hate starmobile what they did to me in the past.. switching other phone when i sent my phone for a service and refuse to repair it again

  2. let’s see. big words, i hope they are not empty promises. kahit pareho lang ng specs ng alcatel flash plus, asus et al tapos mas mura ng konti i think people will buy. at wag idadaan sa lazada ang benta. gawin ding rempvable ang battery. at wag nang patagalin, launch na yan this june.

  3. uy! yes magkakaroon nrin cla ng tulad cguro ng specs ng nilabas ni alcatel flash plus.. ang tanong kelan? kung may bago na ulit labas na bang for the buck ang mga branded phone taz sa pinakalatest na chipsets and OS ang gamit sa murang halaga?.. taz maglalabas c starmobile, cherry at myphone at other local brands na kasing specs. ni alcatel pero padating ng tym n un luma na ulit ung chipsets taz sasabihin bang for the buck.. whahaha..

    Much better if now na cla kumilos.. kung ano meron c branded phones sabayan nila with their own.. at ccguraduhin maccyahan ang mga customer nila.. lalo na cguro sa servicing.. yung mga patok ngaun branded yan.. mura na.. napasaya ang customer.. at kampante ka sa after service nila.. ganyan dapat nakafocus ang mga local player.

  4. magrelease kau ng pinakalatest chipsets, OS sa abot kamay na presyo at mgfocus sa after sales servicing tyak makakabalik kau.. Gudluck nlng sa mga local player ntin.. Sana mapansin pa mga nilalabas ninyong produkto.. wahahaha

    1. tanga lang yung specs mo brad, hirap nga ang starmobile na itugma yung RAM vs BATTERY kaya super mahal ng nga phones nila, parati palpak yung isa dyan sa lahat ng phone series nila sana nakikita rin nila yun to be more competitive.

  5. Coming Soon: Starmobile’s Alcatel Killers ~

    Starmobile Knight Flash Kai +

    Specs: 5.5in screen
    SoC: Snapdragon 615 Octacore Processor
    Camera Setup: 13mp Back + 4up Front w/ flash
    Battery: 3000 mAh
    Storage 16GB + Expandable to 64GB
    GPS: Stock + Glonass
    OS: Either Stock Starmobile 5.0 Lollipop, Color OS or Cyanogen 12s
    Other: IR + Bluetooth 4.0 + USB 3.0 TypeC Always Right
    Unibody Premium Aluminium Built

    or if you’re a little more ballsy with intel…

    Starmobile Knight Flash Smart + / Smart Starter
    Specs: 5.5in screen
    SoC: Same Intel Chip used in the Zenfone 2 (Smart +) or the Lenovo Kobe K900 Phone (Smart Starter)
    Camera Setup: Swivel 13mp Camera
    Battery: 3500 mAh
    Storage 32GB Internal
    GPS: Stock + Glonass
    OS: Stock Starmobile 5.0 Lollipop
    Other: IR + Bluetooth 4.0 + USB 3.0 TypeC Always Right
    BOSE Speakertech
    Can choose from Leather/Bamboo/Kahoy-Plywood/Carbon Fibre or Stock Plastic (ew) covers.

    Preordered units of either will get an autographed pic of the brand endorser Vice Ganda.

    All units priced at 6,990.00
    the Smart Starter at 5,999.00

    Prepare to eat your heart out Alcatel~!

    1. San mo napulot yan specs sir? May Flash Kai name pa, complete with pricing. Too optimistic. Sounds fictitious to me, kwentong barbero..

      1. Disclaimer: It’s a dream phone spec sheet. Not real.

        Pero sana these are the specs na SM will deliver for that flash-killer experience.

  6. if starmobile, and other local brands for that matter, wants to get ahead of the competition, they should offer better alternatives. for example, 4GB instead of 2GB, 32GB instead of 16, latest chipset, LTE, at least 3.5KmAh battery (much better if removable), 13/8 cameras. at 7-8K price point it will be a hit.

  7. speaking of alcatel flash plus…i think it’s just a rebranded UMI Emax from china. Magkamukha pero with slightly different specs..Full HD at 3,780mah battery. May flash sale pa ito until June 5 for about 5k Php sa

  8. Assuming they can come up with better specs, dapat babaan nila, puro sa endorsement kasi napupunta ang budget eh, hindi na mangmang ang tao ngayon para maniwala sa sinasabi ng mga artista

    1. Ahahahah. Natawa aku dun ah.
      Ewan q nga kung kelan nila marerealize na hindi naman nakakatulong yung mga artista sa endorsement eh. Dagdag gastos lang yun.
      The phone itself will prove if it’s a bang-for-the-buck or bang-for-lagapak.
      Well, consumers today are budget conscious so its the phone’s spec and price which really drives the selling trend.

    2. If the big four had product endorsers:

      Willie Revillame for Zenfone 2: Lag because of low ram? Don’t do that to me.
      My Zenfone 2 don’t do that to me, because of the 4GB Ram and superior Zen UI.
      So folks, selling yourself short is bad. Don’t do that to yourselves.
      Do better by getting the Zenfone 2. See what others don’t see.

      Kobe Bryant for Lenovo K7000: With ATMOS Sound Technology, Walang Iwanan at the crystal clear sound for the right price. Octacore. Muh-bah-bung prehsho. And again, the ATMOS tech. Walang Iwanan.

      Jinri Park for Alcatel Flash Plus: Lookin’ good and workin’ good. Here’s the Alcatel Flash Plus. Get it while it’s still here, before it leaves you like the flash.

      Alodia Gosiengfiao for th Meizu M1 Note: Haiiiiii~! The Meizu M1 Note has an octacore chip, 16 GB internal, Flyme OS for further functionality and five Kawaiii colours~!

      I’d pay good money for the Zenfone 2 because Willie.

      1. At the end of the day, ALL celebrities use an iPhone for everything. Well, probably except Solenn and Georgina. They must really like their Galaxy S6 edges. We don’t need celebrity endorsers to sell phones. We need killer specs and a killer price point.

  9. pangtapat ba? another joke. still same old mt6592m SoC w/c means no 64bit, no LTE, 2k mAh battery.

    their selling points are lollipop, isocell sensor, metal build and amoled display.

    maganda sana, panira lang yung SoC and battery. i wonder why di nila kaya gawing mt6752 while international brands can? tsk tsk..

    1. Starmobile = bulok
      Binasura na ang mga bulok na mt6592 pero binebenta pa ng starmobile na parang ginto, lol

    2. honestly I really liked this phone, sayang lang at naging tanga sila at pinilit pa din ang lumang SoC.

      kung naging same SoC lang eto ng AFP, m1 note and A7000, i’d recommend this kahit medyo maliit battery.

  10. Yan na naman sila. Nauna ang yabang. The same company who announced the Knight X last year. Ilang buwan din na press release lang ng press release kahit di pa lumabas ang phone nila sa market. By the time, it came out this year, wala na. Meron ng ibang mas sulit na phone brands and models na naunahan pa sila.

    Ilabas na agad ang phone. Wag puro yabang.

  11. Kawawa mga maloloko ng mga local brands. Sa totoo lang kung wala ka talagang alam sa mga phones at 1st time mong bumili, ang basehan mo lang talaga ay ang physical at wala kang alam na bulok pala ang specs nya. Ganyan ako noon. Haist :3

  12. It was only a matter of time before China phones catch up. And as usual lumalabas na naman ang katangahan ng Pinoy pagdating sa pagnenegosyo. They do have phones that can compete. At least specs -wise. yung mga overpriced flagships nila. it’s obvious these morons are not familiar with the phrase “cut your losses.” tanga na lang din naman ang bibili ng mga yun bat di pa nila babaan?

  13. I saw, i touched, i stare, i compare.

    this phone is slow and BUGGY just for the first 5 minutes of me trying it out on the counter, the AMOLED is nice but because of how bright and vivid it is the resolution KILLS it i can see pixels even 3 feet away from my face! i don’t know how Apple did it but they did it well with their low resolution screen, Back camera is alright but the front AUGH, VGA quality…

    and the settings… what have they done to the settings!? it’s filled with unnecessary texts! at first i thought “Hmm… maybe they are trying to be user friendly” but it made it wooooooooooorst…

    Now of course this is all in 5 minutes 🙂 so wait for UNBOX on their review on the unit 😀

  14. it’s not even close to firefly intense 64 , cpu pa lang binabasa ko, nag skip na me to comment. useless phone unless it is only less than 5K php

  15. Until this nation actually starts to manufacture its own phones, there is simply NO WAY TO COMPETE with the Chinese invasion. Our “local brands” simply buy Chinese manufactured phones and “optimise” them for the Philippine market. Of course that would be more expensive.

    And as I previously discussed with the case of the myphone Infinity 2, the “bang for the buck” phones came to be because they came from large, high volume manufacturing companies (Lenovo, Asus, TCL Alcatel) and do not add superfluous elements in selling their phones such as a distribution network (flash selling through Lazada and the like,) an aftersales network (Lazada handles this,) or advertising (word of mouth and Lazada in house advertising.)

    Starmobile CANNOT economically compete with them because with their network and operations systems, they’d have to incur a loss or next to zero profit for every unit they sell with specs similar to the new “bang for the buck” phones. The reason the cheap phones exist is because the companies can generate a small profit because there are no superfluous elements to their operation unlike Starmobile.

    Good day.

    1. so you’re saying that starmobile’s promise of launching their own version of bang for the buck phone to challenge the chinese brands is all hogwash?

    2. if what you are sayin is correct, why the heck is firefly, a small bug in the industry eh mas advance pa ngayon kesa mga local brands na toh which pours tons of money on famous celebs. what we need are not excuses, but better R&D management.

      di nyo na kailangan ng artista para i promote kayo.

    3. Well, good luck with that. We will never become an industrial powerhouse what with the wealth of nurse/seaman/HRM/call center/culinary/domestic helper/caregiver/TESDA graduates.

      Proud to be Pinoy! lelz

  16. sorry starmobile idiots… qube colonia is a dual sim 5.5 inch hd ips mt6592 2gb 16gb rom expandable for around 5k++. GTFO with this bullshit!

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