Swatch is Developing its Own Smartwatch Operating System

A new challenger has arrived.

Swiss watchmaking titan Swatch Group is currently working on its own smartwatch operating system, in a bid to compete with Google’s Android Wear OS. “There’s a possibility for wearables to develop as a consumer product, but you have to miniaturize and have an independent operating system,” CEO Nick Hayek told Bloomberg in an interview today.

According to the CEO, the OS will “need less battery power” and will “protect data better.” The first watch to feature the OS is expected to be a Tissot-branded watch in late 2018. Given the luxury branding, it’s probably wise to expect a hefty price tag for it.

Hayek mentioned that the Swatch Group has already received “over 100 requests” for more information on the development of the new OS.

The Swatch Group’s repertoire of brands includes Swatch, Tissot, and Omega. Positioned for different market segments, the conglomerate is in a prime position to take advantage of a proprietary OS which will definitely set them above the competition – provided it’s actually better than the reigning Android Wear OS.

Source: The Verge

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