TENAA Clears New 5-Inch Xiaomi Device

Thanks to the Chinese certification agency, TENAA, we’ve seen details for the newest phones come out prior to their launch dates; sometimes even months before then. The latest one to be outed by the agency, is a device from Xiaomi. While we’re used to seeing more specs get leaked out along with its certification, very little is known about this device that has been given the designation, MAE136, though sources for this report seem to think that this could be the Redmi 5.

Aside from it’s 5-inch display and the fact that it will be powered by a 4000mAh battery, all we can really say for certain is that it will have a fingerprint scanner on its backside and its design more or less follows what we’ve been seeing in releases from fellow Chinese brands with its dimensions at 139.24 x 69.94 x 8.65 mm; all very standard in terms of mid-ranged devices.

Will this device be one of the first to carry the company’s own SoC, Pinecone? Possibly. We’ll keep an eye out for more news regarding the MAE136, or the possible Xiaomi Redmi 5.


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