The EOS RP is Now Official in the Philippines

Check out Canon’s affordable full-frame mirrorless camera!

Canon has been on a slow start with the mirrorless race. With its rivals focusing on developing mirrorless cameras, it was a matter of time before Canon debut its first full-frame mirrorless camera with the EOS R late last year. We had mixed thoughts about it, particularly because of its rather steep asking price and questionable design elements.

Several months later, Canon launched a more affordable version of the EOS R with the EOS RP. I’ve been waiting for Canon to release a compact full-frame mirrorless camera, and the EOS RP definitely piqued my interest.

Touted as an entry-level model, the EOS RP is more compact than the EOS 6D Mark II. While it shares the same 26.2-megapixel full-frame sensor found on its DSLR sibling, the EOS RP uses a newer DIGIC 8 processor—the same image processing engine used on the EOS M50 and the EOS R.

Unlike the EOS R, the EOS RP loses the controversial touch bar panel, top LCD display, and protective shutter cover for the sensor. Being an entry-level model, the EOS RP is limited to 5FPS burst shooting, 1/4000 maximum shutter speed, and does not have Dual Pixel Autofocus when shooting in 4K.

The EOS RP uses the same battery found on Canon’s EOS M mirrorless cameras. While battery life is not stellar, the EOS RP offers USB charging—all you need is a power bank with PD charging and a USB-C to USB-C cable in case you need to juice it up while on the field.

One of the complaints about the EOS RP is its lackluster video capabilities: you don’t get Dual Pixel AF when shooting in 4K, and you can’t shoot 24FPS on the EOS RP. You don’t get Canon Log as well, which is crucial if you want to color grade your video footage in post-production. However, given its price and the fact that it is an entry-level camera, it is hard to ask for more with the EOS RP.

The EOS RP will retail for Php 89,998 for the body only and Php 156,998 with the RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM lens. Those pre-ordering from March 11 to 25 will get an RF to EF mount adaptor, 128GB SD Card, extra LP-E17 battery, Classic M Bag, EOS-R Notebook, 3 years warranty, and a lens experience coupon for trying out select Canon lenses.

If you are more into photography than videography, the EOS RP is a great affordable option for those who want to try out a full-frame camera.

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