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This Is The Best Explanation Why You Need 4GB of RAM On Your Phone

ย Zenfone 2 RAM

The best explanation always involves models

One of the best features of ASUS’ high-end, Zenfone 2 ZE551ML is its 4GB of RAM. There’s plenty of ways to explain why having more RAM on your phone helps in multi-tasking and performance, but ASUS has apparently found the best one, and it involves pretty models to boot.

The boring explanation why you need 4GB of RAM? More space for apps to run. As you run an app on your phone, it takes up space in your phone’s temporary memory, or RAM. More RAM equals more space for more apps to run. Less ram means that your phone will have to close more apps as you open new apps or cycle through running apps. More RAM also means a smoother user experience all around. Don’t believe us? Check out our ZE551ML multitasking test video below:

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John Nieves

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  1. Ang problem lang naman nito ay ung stock para sa mga nasa province na katulad ko. Sa Lazada sobrang OP pero sabi nila coming soon.. who knows.. sana may iba pang online store na pwedeng mag avail nito..
    sabagay masyado pang mainit kaya maraming naghahanap

  2. I think 4gb ram for me is too much.I ain’t opening too many apps on my phone so 2gb ram is enough for me. I’m hoping na yung ZE551ML 2gb version na bumaba pa since napaka hot ngayon at bagong labas pa lang.

    1. sabi ni bill gates nung ginawa nya ang DOS, wala daw may kelangan ng memory of more than 640Kb. Kaya nilagyan nya ng hard limit na 640kb ang DOS. Later on kelangan ng madaming hacks para magamit 1Mb RAM. E.g. DOS4GW, etc

  3. No you don’t… just like you don’t need 1080p screens or 64-bit octa-core processors on your mobile devices either.

    You WANT these features you don’t need that why you pay ridiculous amounts of money to have these specs or features on your phone that you do not even use on a daily basis.

      1. that’s less than 1% of the consumers. hence, most will never need 4gb of ram. marketing, marketing, marketing.

        1. Android L has a memory leak bug which made asus do a jump on 4gb. For me it’s not overkill, it’s better since you’ll se more 4gb ram phones in the future. Mahal nga pero sa pangmatagalan naman.

          1. Walang gadget na “pangmatagalan”… 4gb on android right now is just a waste and a tactic to milk more money from consumers.

    1. Hardcore android gamers naman ang target market ng Asus. Parang sa desktop computer, di naman kailangan ng gaming rig kung ordinary word at excel lang naman ang gagamitin. Kanya kanyang purpose lang naman yan.

  4. it’s still depends on the user.. when they like to use it for multi tasking purposes.. even do others saying that its overkill for me as a gamer or a multi tasker on mobile phones this thing hit the right spot.. for those average users should use the lower ram phones instead

  5. just because you have no use for the additional RAM doesn’t mean technology has to stop upgrading for your mundane task.

  6. Umm you don’t get it. Since apps will be consuming more apps soon or in the future a bigger ram will be needed to work it through. It won’t be long till other flagships join the bandwagon. Overkill? To some yes. Future proof? Maybe not.

  7. You need 4GB RAM for your smartphone, because Lollipop is coded so badly, that all available versions of the new Google OS has a BAD MEMORY LEAK PROBLEM. This problem has gotten so bad, we have gone through FIVE versions of Lollipop available because Google is struggling to pin down the memory leak – no device is safe. Not the Nexus, not even the Galaxy S6. It has been extensively documented and is the prime reason for app crashes and slowdowns on Lollipop-enabled devices.

    It does not help that the Zenfone 2 comes with 5.0 – the first Lollipop, with the worst manifestations of the memory leak problem. So ASUS decided to give MORE RAM so the system won’t bog down because of the memory leak which amounted to excessive RAM consumption and slowdowns…

  8. The fact that you need a 4gb RAM for apps to run very smoothly simultaneously in Android is why it will always be mediocre to iOS.

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