Unboxing the Moshi Moshi MM04i Bluetooth Speaker and Handset

Unboxing the Moshi Moshi MM40i

Unboxing the Moshi Moshi MM04i Bluetooth Speaker & Handset

A few months ago we featured the Moshi Moshi MM04i here at Unbox. It’s one of the first well-designed bluetooth wireless speakers and handsets I’ve ever seen in the local market. You can use it a speaker to listen to your music or for calls. You can also pair it with your iPhone and use it as if it were a real handset. The biggest drawback was the price. At Php14,300+ the Moshi Moshi MM04i is only for a few people, mostly executives and professionals who can afford it. Fortunately we have a unit with us right now courtesy of Moshi Moshi Philippines. Our initial impressions and a couple of product shots below.

Photo of the back of the packaging

In terms of packaging the Moshi Moshi MM04i comes in a hard transparent plastic case. To open just remove the tape at the sides and pull up the top part of the case. You’ll then have to remove the plastic cover inside and pull out the unit. At the bottom is a box with the peripherals: cables, manuals, and more cables.

Here’s what it looks like out of the box:

The Moshi Moshi MM40i Unboxed!

As you can see from the photo the design is great! The handset looks like a silver metallic beehive of sorts while docked on a solid black platform. I also love how the top curves down and up back again. Like what I said above this is one of the more beautiful gadgets you’ll see in the local market.

To start using this you have to plug it to the charger via the cable at the back of the dock to your outlet. You then pair the device via bluetooth with your smartphone or laptop so it can act as a speaker or handset.

The handset removed from the dock

The Moshi Moshi MM04i was made for the iPhone and that’s why it has a dock at the front. Just press it a bit and it will pop-out. You can dock your iPhone here and it will even recharge the battery.

Dock for the iPhone!

I’ve been using the Moshi Moshi MM40i as bluetooth handset for my iPhone 4 for the last 2-3 days now. I take and make a lot of calls on my cellphone so this device is actually a huge help for me. The calls are clear and the bluetooth connection is stable.

Very useful for people who make a lot of calls

We’ll do a full review after we’ve had more time with the device. 🙂

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