Unboxing the Razer Naga Epic

The Razer Naga Epic Unboxed!

Razer Naga Epic Unboxed!

I’m not the type that invests in hardcore gaming gear. My gamer friends actually hate me because I use my PS3 as a glorified paperweight and occasionally a bluray player. Things changed though when my hunt for the a 1TB external hard-drive landed me in Funan Mall at Singapore. We passed by this huge Razer store I knew I’d need to keep my emotions in check… and more importantly my wallet! Sad to say I failed miserably in suppressing the urge to take out my credit card, haha! I ended up getting the Razer Naga Epic, a wireless gaming mouse that had great precision and looked… epic.


What's inside the box? A lot!

The inner box opens up to reveal various layers. Foam padding and plastic mold ensure the safety and quality of the goods. The second box opens up to reveal the mouse battery (rechargeable), 2 more grips, the wire, the receiver dongle/dock and a packet of various manuals and peripherals.

The Razer Naga Epic doesn’t come with any bags or mouse pads though. You’ll have to buy those separately. Expect a full review soon. I’ll put this through the paces while playing DC Universe Online!

Got this for around Php6,000 in Singapore. Will check for local SRP.

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  1. Its 5,999 at pchub gilmore just tell em you are a member (best if you really have an account there i think they have different price for walk in customer versus tipidpc members ) i got it for 5.9k maybe because i haggle really good or its just that iam an avid customer of their store =))

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