Unboxing the Smart Rocket WiFi Plus

Time to unbox the Smart Rocket WiFi Plus!

Smart Rocket WiFi Plus Unboxed

We currently have a review unit of the Smart Rocket WiFi Plus. This is a pocket WiFi modem that can connect up to five (5) devices at the same time. What makes this special though is that it can connect to Smart’s HSPA+ signal which is supposed to give faster Internet connection versus the usual 3G. How fast can it go? Well according to the official product description you can actually go up to 20mbps if you’re in an area covered by HSPA+. We’ll put that claim to the test when we do our review next week. For now we just want to share the unboxing as well as our initial impressions!

Packaging and unboxing

The Smart Rocket WiFi Plus comes in a nice box! It actually looks like there’s a smartphone inside of it. The printed design on the box is pretty awesome as well. This is a good example of how the new logo of Smart blends well with their different products. At the front of the box you get a glossy product shot and right beside it is the “Up to 20 MBPS” claim boldly displayed in all caps and in red font.

Nice box!

At the back you’ll find the product description and system requirements.

Back of the box

To unbox just remove the sticker at the bottom and slide out the inner compartment. You’ll find the Rocket WiFi Plus and a SIM card from Smart Bro.


The Rocket WiFi Plus is the evolution of the older mobile WiFi devices. The front, which has a digital display, is covered with some sort of hard plastic and glass. The Huawei logo is displayed in silver below. The micro-USB charging port can be found at the bottom of the side and the WPS and On/Off buttons at the right side. In the aesthetics department this definitely looks much better compared to the older models.

Smart Rocket WiFi Plus!

The back has a smooth black matte finish giving it an even more premium look and feel.

Photo of the back of the device

Cool eh? Can’t wait to test this baby out!

Other stuff in the box
Other than the Rocket WiFi Plus you’ll also find the charger, a micro-USB cable, the manuals, and a SIM card from Smart Bro.

Full Review Coming Soon!

We’ll visit several HSPA+ covered areas by Smart and see if this can actually even come close to the 20Mbps claim. If it does then we have a solid product here, hehe.

The Rocket WiFi Plus sells for Php6,450 in Smart Wireless Centers. This is a one-time payment for the unit. For the actual internet connection you’ll have to load it up with Smart Bro credit.

Carlo Ople

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  1. Hi Sir Carlo! Just ask if the Smart Rocket Wifi and HUAWEI E586 are the same?

    thanks. appreciate a lot. keep it up!

  2. I bought mine January of this year. I never really got speed more than 3mbps.

    And 2 weeks ago, my unit stopped functioning. I called up Smart tech support, but they weren’t able to help. I even went to Smart wireless center in Ayala, same thing, there was no specific response to my complaint. All they told me was, there could be a service interruption in the area. I live and work in Makati. How’s that?

    For Php 6,450., c’mon Smart should do better than this! Otherwise they should stop posting their ads!

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