Unboxing the Superlux HD631 Professional DJ Headphones

Superlux HD631 Headphones Unboxed!

Unboxing Supelux’s latest baby… the HD631 Headphones!

The Superlux HD661 really made such a good impression on us to the point that we had high expectations with the latest Superlux model, the HD631. Billed as the “Professional DJ Headphones” of Superlux, the HD631 offers excellent tight bass and stylish design for an amazing low price of Php2,900. We’re currently burning these cans in so we can’t give a full review yet but we’d like to kick things off with the unboxing post! 🙂

Same big Superlux Packaging

Typical Superlux black and red box!

The HD631 has the same big black/red box that previous Superlux models had in the past. There’s the transparent plastic at the front which lets you see what the design of the cans are. Product information is printed at the back. Unboxing is pretty straightforward as well. Just open from the bottom and you’ll immediately find the HD631 resting on what seems to be a red pillow (which is actually a carrying pouch for the cans).

Looks gorgeous!

Oooohhh… Shiny

I have to give props to Superlux for upping their game in the aesthetic design department. If there’s one criticism about their cans it’s that they don’t really look great (they look generic). That’s not the case anymore with the HD631.

The metallic silver linings on the ear cups combined with the glossy black finish gives it a more premium look and feel. It definitely doesn’t look generic anymore.

The headband system they used is the “wing-type”. You can’t actually retract or extend the ear cups to adjust to your head for a perfect fit. If you put the cans on the elastic material of the band will automatically adjust it for you. While this is definitely convenient the issue with most cans that use this system is that they tend to exert more clamping pressure on your ears and on the top of your head. We suggest that you loosen the cans up a bit by stretching them out prior to use.

Wing-type headband system for the HD631
Detachable cable for better portability
Shot from a different angle

On the bassy side

For our initial impressions on the sound quality and signature, the HD631 definitely leans toward the bass side which is absolutely refreshing since it’s been a while since we last reviewed fun bassy cans! The mids and highs are also okay so far but I need to put this through the paces some more.

Full Review Coming Soon

That’s it for now. Full review should be out soon. If you can’t wait though you can already get it for just Php2,900. For more information visit XTC Inc.’s Facebook Page.

Superlux HD631 officially unboxed!

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